2011-01-02: TelcoData.US / Timmins Technologies, LLC chooses Revolutionary Solutions

Paul Timmins, owner of Timmins Technologies came to us with a big request: Rewrite TelcoData as a pure mod_perl module to help boost site performance and give a better experience to it's users.

Revolutionary Solutions came to the rescue, re-writing the code from the ground up, modularizing code and creating a comprehensible and easy to understand base.

"Revolutionary Solutions took my patchwork of code running in a mix of languages, written in varying times from 2001 onward and unified it in less than a month, documenting my undocumented features" says Timmins

After this was complete, Revolutionary Solutions modified and tweaked the services to ensure the best performance possible. With the new implemented code and web server modifications, TelcoData is able to handle about 10 times the requests without spending any more on hardware or adding any extra resources.

As we do with every customer, we also helped with any user issues with the website after the massive relaunch. "[Revolutionary Solutions] even stuck with me after the upgrades and actively worked with my customers to resolve any website issues as they came up after the release"

This has also had a dramatic performance increase on load time with user queries, decreasing smaller query execution time by about 300 milliseconds per request, and bigger queries a decrease of about 1200 milliseconds per request.

Timmins Technologies was pleased with the results and has selected Revolutionary Solutions to continue to maintain all front end resources and code modifications. "I've been very satisfied with the level of support provided and recommend Revolutionary Solutions to my clients who need custom work, for which I no longer have time to do myself."

2010-11-08: Municipoll / Decision Communications, LLC taps Revolutionary Solutions

Edward Haggerty, owner of Decision Communications, had a problem which was the software they were using to conduct Political Polling was becoming terribly out of date and cost prohibitive to operate in today's competitive environment. They came to us in request of something better, faster and with a richer feature set that could be customized to do whatever they needed instead of being locked into a very specific proprietary application.

Revolutionary Solutions came back and said no problem! We rapidly worked together to understand the needs of this prospective software, desires and features that would previously have been unheard of in the industry. Revolutionary Solutions then started developing this application and had a functioning prototype inside of a few days. "The speed and accuracy of the first prototype was leaps above what we can currently accomplish" said Haggerty.

After success with the first prototype, the software was refined over the following weeks as it was used and features added that were on the initial docket, as well as some that came up on suggestion of Revolutionary Solutions. The ending result was a web-based application that was able to more than quadruple their efficiency while ensuring that everything was done in spec with the tight regulations of the industry. "We could not believe the difference in efficiency of the software. We were able to acquire hardware to run and scale this application at a fraction of the cost due to its nature"

As always with Revolutionary Solutions, we stayed around after the core aspects of the project was finished to ensure our customer was satisfied, as well to add new features as the need for them arose. "The level of service was impeccable; [Revolutionary Solutions] stuck by us every step of the way. Before, during and after. That's very comforting in today's 'just get it done' world"